Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is What I Am Up To

I bought a Christmas Piano Book Some time back but never learned to play the Christmas songs but right now I am marking in that book to help me learn to play those songs Even though I can read some of the music I can't read my music well enough to beable to play those with out that help but I can blame my medicine for that issue since I don't always feel up to working on my music.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Was Looking For Another Piano Book When I Came Across This.

I was looking for a older version of a follow up Piano book when I came across something my Great-Nephew would need to start off with his music book collection since he is getting a Electric Piano for Christmas this year. He plays mine whenever he comes over here.

Practice Journal

Weekly Planner for Music Students

The stylish new Willis Practice Journal features 40 weeks of lesson assignments, a daily practice record, staff paper, and an abbreviated music dictionary. Suitable for ANY music student!

Inventory # HL 00416837
Pages: 48
Size : 8.1 X 5.2
Weight : 2.6
ISBN : 1423484703
EAN : 9781423484707
UPC : 884088416355
Medium : Softcover
Price : $2.99 (US)
Series : Willis

You can get it at

Welcome to Willis Piano Music...
Contact Us About Us Shopping Cart My Account
Created Just for Piano Teachers!

I can do without the software part of this program as is. And I think it is also true with my great nephew.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well I Will Get Those Photos Of Betsy Doing A Little Agility Over The Weekend Today.

Well I get those 2 photo of Betsy Doing a little agility today but it will be a while before I can post them because we need a new printer

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kariann's Son Has A Big Imagination Like Most Chldren His Age

For those that don't know Kariann's Ex and his current wife got the kids a guinea pig her real name is Ginger but because thier half sister can't say Ginger she calls her Gigi when I asked Trey the other night about thier pet his response was Gigi lost her guinea now she is a plain pig all I could do is LOL at him. At least I was wise to him All I could do is giggle because of his imagination. I just let that tale ride. He is at stage of life where he isn't actully lying but do to his imagination he can come up with some tales at times.

I Am So Worn Out

That's what happens when you are doing agility on a hot day in the park when you are a diabetic but me and Betsy did sit in the shade most of the time as well.

I Went To Dog Owmer Responsibilty Day At The Park Yesterday

I took my pom mix to the park yesterday to the Dog Owner Responsible Day and I took pleny of water and my camera I was able to get a photo of Betsy out of the tube and anther one jumping over her learning to jump 1 of the jumps from the agility equipment they used to a demo I started as you all know from my past post with that hard purple open tunnel in my back yard. As soon as we get the printer fixed I will post those photos. I also had a slight reaction from my diabeties medicine because in the excitement right before I left to go to that event I had some oat meal and forgot to eat some meat luckly they had a basket of candy to stop the shakes Betsy wanted some but I said no. I was able to work on her sits in the distractions amd stay
which I can never do that with Dutchie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Found Out What The Deal Was With Book 3 On My Step By Step Piano Book Series And I Don't Like It

I apparently talked to the manager at Ridgela Music and Apparently they are temprarly out of print on book 3 because apparently they will drag on as far as reprining them if the demand for that particular book is slow. So If I go ahead and complete book 2 of that series and I still don't have book 3 I will be stuck after I complete book 2 on Edna Mae Burnam's
Step By Step Piano Course Because the demand for book 3 is so slow I will never get that book which will hold me back from learning Piano after I complete Book 2. It took this long before the employees found this information out. Now what? I will lost even though I have a lot of piano books I can learn from I don't like. I would prefer the Step by Step Series before I even try any other piano books I have. If I had this series I would be able to get my piano playing down solid. But I am lost. I know this is silly but it is true I will be lost if I complete book 2 and don't have book 3.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That Song Teen Angel That Hit The Charts Around The End Of 1959 Was Base On A True Store

The guy Mark Dinning who wrote this
song because 1 of his sisters lost a girl friend in a car accident my mother knew the cousin of this girl what happened this girl ran in to tree her cousin came home hooten and hollering my mother didn't say if the cousin was in the car or was following in another car. but that girl in that song did have a baby and everybody in town knew that. This was way back when a teenage girl gets pregnet and she goes to Aunt Berta long enough to have the Baby then as soon as she has the Baby she come's home This happened in Greenland New Hampshire and at the time of that girl's death that town was so small stuff like that spreads like wild fire that sounds like when we lived off base when my Father was stationed at Ramey AFB the town we lived in was so small anything unusual happens spreads like wild fire and Down Town was not what you will see when you go down town as far as heavy traffic Down Town was 5 blocks from my house and unsusal happenings also spreads like wild fire here in White Settlement. But that girl that song ran in to a tree and got killed in that car accident acoording to my mother.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Had A Wierd Dream Last Night From My Childhood Memory For Some Reason

Any body who grew up in the early 60's will know where I am coming from there was this cartoon that made it's dabute on Sept.9,1963 called The Funny Company was te beginning of educational programing. I dreamed I missed a episode and I was a little girl on the cartoon crying my eyes out because I messed some episode and both Buzzer Bell who was the presdent of The Funny Company and my Favorate Charater Jasper National Parker had to calm me down sense they were the only 2 at the Funny Company at the time when other members were off doing thier things The Funny thing about that cartoon is that they had differents situations maybe 2 members may be staying at They Funny Company to Answer the Phone. This was before they came out with Answering machines. Some times 3 will hang out there and some times they whole group. But as I was saying I was Crying in my dream because for some reason I was in that cartoon crying over missing some sort of episode and it took both Buzzer and Jasper to calm me down they told me 1 time the following Saturday in my local area they were going to do the replay of whatever episode I missed LOL Sometimes when I have dreams like that I think I am reliving my childhood for some Reason. I know that particular cartoon is out on DVD. But it was a strange dream. For some reason I always called Buzzer William all the time I was growing up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Have Added To My 45 Recod Collection

I bought 19 45's now I need 6 more 45's then my record case will be full but I know where to get another record case at.Here is what I Bought
1.Dizzy By Tommy Roe
2.Sugar Town By Nancy Sinatria
3.Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy
4.Indiana Wants Me by R.Dean Taylor
5.Welcome Back By John Sebstion
6.The Worst That Could Happen To Me by Brooklyn Bridge
7.You're No Good By Linda Ronstadt
8. Hang On Help Is On Its Way By Little River Band
9.Crazy Horeses By The Osmonds
10.Woman By Peter And Gordan
11. Where All Alone Now By Rita Coolage
12. Heart Aches By The Numbers By Guy Mitchell
13. Little Woman By Bobby Sherman
14.Abraham And Martin And John By Dion
15. By Petuula Clark I forgot to write the last 4 titles because things were side tracking me when I was suppose to be resting due to my Oral Surgery That's what happened when I am from a big Family LOL But I am ok.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Real Excited

My Daddy is taking me to Deana's record shop to see What they have in my oldies I can buy so I can have 45's in good shape to listen to.

I Just Wanted You To Know I Am Having More Dental Surgery

I am having more dental Surgery Tuesday Morning to get rit of 4 wisdom Teeth and those 2 bones that need to be removed. Then we will have to go and get all of those dentures replaced due to the bad work on my first set of dentures.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Am Having Trouble Finding The Name Of A Artist

I have a Song on my play list that ian't even listed called What've I Done To You I am looking Fort the Artist who recorded it even though I don't know who the artist is

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well It Looks Like I May Have To Have Dental Surgery a week From Tuesday

The Dentist that made my dentures did a bad job pluse he failed to removed My bones and I I have 4 wiosdom teeth that are comimng throught my skin

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Because I Have Been Having Trouble Sleeping At NIght This Is What I Got To Help Me

I have trouble sleeping at night time because the location of my bedroom. So my father on my request bought me a Tower Fan and I like it since it does have a remote as well as the size.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Are Not Going To Believe This

When I am in the process of learning to play a new song on my piano I make what is called Cheat sheets I can read music well enough to make these cheat sheets and I work with those cheat sheets long enough to make me comfterable to where I can play from the book without the assistance of the Cheat sheet I am doing that with the clock at the moment and that is the second song I am learning out of Step By Step Book 2 by Edna Mae Burnam's Piano Course Book 2 Step By Step I am waiting for book 3 to come in so once I have completed this book I should be ready for book 3.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Have Some Exciting News

I am going to get the following Step By Step Piano Book tomorrow book 3 I like book 2. I may not be ready for book 3 yet but I am trying to get the series built up so as I complete 1 book I can bounce in to another book Ha ha

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welll I Am Hanging In There

I am trying to hang in there since I don't sleep at night as is. The heat doesn't help matters Luckly my older sister can get me some thing natural to help me sleep. It has 2 ingreatances 1 to help me go to sleep and the second to keep me sleep through the night.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This Is What I Learned To Play On My Piano Today

I learned to play The Clock from my copy of Edha Mae Burnam's Piano Course Step By Step Book 2 what I do is make these little cheat sheets to teach myself to play the songs and as soon as I feel comterable enough I can play the same songs in the Piano Book. I don't have the hang of that yet but I will and Next week Book 3 should come in.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Wish I knew Where I Can buy My 45's Brand New Locally

I sure have a issue where when I go to Hallf Price Books to buy my 45's they seem to either be sscratched or broken.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well I Am Going To Take A Nap As Soon As I Eat.

Due to my diabeties I am having a little sick spell so I will eat the beef flavor of Roman Noodle Soup and I will take a nap since I am not planning to watch Michael Jackson's Memorial Service On TV.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Have A Friend That Needs Our Prayers

His name is Paul Hamontree. He is very ill he had a stroke 9 years ago and they had to do surgery on him today to see if he had lung cancer and they discovered he has strep and pneumonia at the same time and he may not make it. I met him on line when I first joined AOL because he use to share his wife's scranname and she finally made him get his own screen name this was before his wife became a online host. My family had met his wife and another AOL member who was visiting her. And when she had a heart attack that friend of our's was on 1 of her visits when Tammy and I went to see her and that is when Tammy and I met her husband in person. Knowing his wife Bette if he dies she will freak out. The weird thing about Bette and I we hung around together to long even before we met in person we gotten to know how the other person will act depending on the situation. and I can give you a example the last time we were able to go to my older sister's house right before Christmas my sister's labmix met us at the car with a empty beer can he found in the trash somewhere and he came in the house following somebody and Karen's Ex-son-in-law said he's coming in for more as soon as he said that I responded I know what RXS would say that's a lab for you sure enough she did in her E-mail following that e-mail on that little report. Labs and lab mixes are real bad at carrying things in thier mouths no matter if it was a beer can or a paper towel holder. I know I got off of the topic but please pray for Paul so he can try to get better? And Thank You

Me And My Oldies

I love That Song from Johnanthan King Everyones Gone To The Moon

I Am Back

The reason I couldn't be on for a while to blog for a while was because my computer had been cluddered so bad with viruses as well as old photos. And speaking of photos it will be a while before I can add more photos to my blog because Tammy chose not to reinstall the software to the printer since we are getting ready to replace the printer.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This Is My Grandfather On My Father's Side Of The Family

This is my father's Step-Father Creed Oscar Richardson

Here Is Luke Sitting on his Grandmother's Lap

Luke's grandmother is my babysister Susanne Cheryl Ivey/Boston

Here Is Photo No. 3 Of Luke Without His Sunglasses

Here Is Luke without his cute sunglasses

Here Is Luke Smiling In Photo No. 2

That is real cute of Luke even if he is not sitting up yet.

This Is Photo No. 1of Luke

This is a photos of Luke not smiling.

It Looks Like I Am Going To Have A Bad Day

It looks like it's going to be a bad day because I can't check my E-mail due to a AOL glinch. It wants me to sign in even though I am already signed in. I get really annoyed when this happens.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Is Tammy's new Camera

Tammy has been needing a new camera for a while so she got 1 today in her Favorite color red

Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is 1 Of The Piano Books I Am Working On

Somebody that use to be in our ward briefly tought me Piano Lessons and she gave me this book I have so many Piano Books that it's not even funny but it seems like every time I get a new Piano Teacher He or she switches my piano books but I have never completed any of my piano books for this very reason. The Next time I am going to mention this to my new piano teacher. I recognized the book cover because my Half Aunt had that as a child and a girl from my childhood also had that book. I wanted you all to know that I special ordered the following book Book 3 to this book this just shows you Tink and I have something else in common.

This is My Late Grandfather's Drivers license

I took a photo of this since this is the only photo of him and yes he got baptized in the church while he was sick with Colan Cancer He got baptized Oct.1967. and his name is Ernest Duncan Ames Jr. He was my Grandfather on my mother's side of the family. He was married to Mary Louetta Davis Not sure the exact date because my niece Kariann has my book of Remembrance and that info is in there

This Is Tammy's Youngest Grandson Jacob Craig

This is Jacob Thomas Crag with that washable hair color and had his hair cut and they put a lot of hair spray to spike it up but at Little ledge baseball game
The baseball cap will press down the spike. he he he

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Is My Youngest Neice

This is my youngest Neise Catilin Elizabeth Broussard This is her senior photo I just wish she had her senior photo in her cap and gown. but she chose to have her photo wearing what she is wearing in that photo She has to wear blue jeans with the holes in the knees because that is the Fashion statement which I am not to fond of at least she will out grow it just give her time. She Graduates from Boyd High School this coming Friday at 7 P.M.

Friday, May 29, 2009

This Came From My Gradmother's Last Baby Shower

This Bassinet full of presents came from the final babyshower before my Half-Aunt Joy Denise was born I am sure that came in handy since my Cousin Dennis was born 5 months later by that time she probably out grew tat Bassinet

This Is Joy Denice

This is my Half-Aunt Joy Denise Richardson oh her first birthday

This Is My Cousin Jaculine

This is my Cousin Jacquline in some sort of program in Stephenville Texas she not only did her baton but at the same time she was also taking piano lessons as a child.

This Is My Cousin Melanye Diane Brown

This is my cousin Melanye in some sort of school activity when she was a student a Stephenville High School

There Is Dutchie With Her Favorate Toy

That blue toy is a Buster Food Cube it is 1 of those toys that has food in it and operates like a puzzle Dutchie loves that toy. Silly dog she loves any toy that has food in it.

This Is Grandmother Richardson

This is Grandmother Richardson at my Great-Aunt's House on Christmas Day 1997

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kariann Richards witness some man who placed that tricycle by the dumpster and drive away so she grabbed it and because she was babysitting at the time she let the kids play with it we are going to give it to Luck for his first birthday. I had i of those as a child the same color but mine had only 1 back bar we have friends who we met while my father was stationed at Ramey AFB thier oldest daughter had a 1 with the double bar but her's was greem at the time more of a blueish green

Grandmother Richardson

This is another Photo of Grandmother Richardson. What I am trying to do is get as many photos as I can before I send them to Joy Denise.

Grandmother Richardson

This is another Photo of Grandmother Richardson when she went to my Half-Aunt Joy Denise's House on Christmas Day 1997

Christmas Day 1992

This Photo was made on Christmas Day 1992 of my Great-Uncle and My Great-Aunt Aunt August and Lucille Price.

The Day Of Shannon and Oscar's Wedding

Shannon And Oscar got married on my Grandfather's Birthday Ernest Duncan Ame's May 24,1997 since they didn't have a wedding date set so on my mother's suggestion they got Married on May 24,1997 Their Wedding took place at my older sister Karen Peterson's I had planned to attend but didn't due to illness

Friday, May 22, 2009

This Is My Half Aunt Joy Denise's Senior Photo

Joy Denise Richardson Graduated From Cisco High School 1972.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Is Grandmother Richardson

This is Grandmother Richardson standing out in her front yard The reason I am putting a lot of these on my blog is because I am getting ready to send theses photos to my half aunt.

This Is Grandmother Richardson Again In Her Bathing Suit

She was Posing in hr bathing Suit in front of her dresser

This Is Grandmother Richardson Christmas 1981

This was Grandmother Richardson sitting in her chair on Christmas 1981

Grandmother Richardson Christmas 1981

This is Grandmother Richardson decorating the Christmas tree December 1981

This Is Grandmother Richardson

We found identical photos to this photo where her legs were cut off of the photos because she didn't want us to see this photo.

This Is Grandmother Richardson Out In The Yard

This Is Grandmother Richardson out in the yard watering a tree

This Is Grandmother Richarson In Bed Reading Photo No.2

This Is Grandmother Richardson reading in bed at a different Angle

This Is Grandmother Being Modest In A Bathing Suit

This is Grandmother Richardson being modest I have never seen Grandmother Richardson in a bathing Suit in my whole life.

This Is Grandmother Richardson Layiing In Bed And Reading

This is Grandmother Richardson laying down reading before Joy Denise was born

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Is The Second Photo Of Me Christie Lou Ivey At Piano Lessons At A Different Angle

My Niece took this for me at another angle before My Piano Teacher arrived.

This Is Christie Lou Ivey At Piano Lessons

This is me Christie Lou Ivey At The Community Service Center Taking Piano Lessons Before My Piano Teacher Showed up on Sept.27,2001

This Is My First Piano Teacher

This is my first piano teacher Alenie Ayerdis This photo was made following a piano Lesson at the community Center.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Is A Oil Painting Of My Aunt And Cousin On My Father's Side Of The Family

This is a painting my Grandmother did from a photo of my Aunt Margie And my Cousin Melanye when Melanye was a baby I didn't see that until I was 16 years old when Grandmother dragged that out to show another family member. I was at her house a great deal since my familyy and my Grandparents lived on some property my uncle owned when I was 16 years old.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here Is Another Photo Of Trey Being A Ham

Some of the stuff Trey does reminds me of my brother Micheal at that age I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's another prankster in my family LOL

This Is My Oldest Nephew's New House

This is my oldest Nephew's new house that hasn't been completed yet. my older sister took me and my father over to see it the other day and later on my older sister Karen took Tammy over to see it the other night.

There Goes Trey Mitchell being A typica Ham

Trey is at that age he will be a ham as far as photos are concerned this wil go in the family blog as well as keeping it in this blog.

This Is Kariann's Dog That Is Going To Be At The Gelmar's House As soon As The Vet Clears Lady To Be Around Other Dogs.

I thought this photo of the dog would be cute I can't remember her name but as soon as another family member reads this they will ad to this to help me when it is time for her to go home she doesn't want to leave I have to go out to the car to with her to make her leave she loves to go by by she is a ham as you can see in this photo. Silly dog.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This Is Tammy's Mother,s Day Card

Tall way have trouble making straight lines when I use decorated scissors

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Is For My Mother For Mother's Day

This is for my mother for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Read The The Grizzly Detail News Paper

Both Robbie And Emily Gee had hit the Honor Roll at Blue Haze Elementry School and their names appeared in The Grizzly Detail News Paper. As soon as I told my father that I was getting ready to go to the Gee Blog to see if they are related to Bishop Gee my Father Harvey William Ivey Jr. was able to confirm that for me since he and Leon Curtis is thier Home Teachers.

This Is My Great-Uncle And Great Aunt On My Father's Side Of er's Side Of The Family

This Is Uncle August And Aunt Lucille Price On Christmas Day 1992

This Is My Father Holding His Half Sister

This Is My Father Holding my Half-Aunt Joy Denise Richardson here in White Settlement Texas.

This Is Another Photo Of My Father

This is my father Harvey William Ivey Jr. reading on the front porch here in White Settlement Texas

This Looks Like Grandmother Richardson

This looks like grandmother Richardson I thought I would add a little back ground to this but I don't know where this photo was taken at.

This Was Taken In Witchtal Falls Texas

This photo was taken of my Grandmother Richardson on the porch of my father's Barracks When My Father Harvey William Ivy Jr. was stationed at Whichatal Falls Texas

This Is Another Photo Of Dutchie

Dutchie and Betsy stays out side during the day but lately she's been crying to come in I tried to take a photo of her pushing her Buster's Food Tube but she is so use to psing for cameras this is nothing new to her. LOL

This Is My Family Photo

This is a family photo that was made on a deadline because Tammy and Karen and I were due to get on a plane to come up here to spend the summer with my Grandparents in 1967 and the reason it had to be done because they wanted to send him on some sort of assignment which he never went on and they need some sort of proof that my whole family was white and not a biracial where 1 parent is white and another parent is black. They were real funny about that in the 1960's But society was real funny about that in the 1960's. From left to right are Susanne Cheryl Ivey,Michael Duncan Ivey,Tambra Lynn Ivey.Christie Lou Ivey, Karen Michelle Ivey, Sandra Maurine Ames/Ivey This was made at McCoy AFB in 1967 That was also the same year my family joined the Church. I look tired in that photo because I was so excited because I was wound up the night before because I knew we were coming up here to see my grandparents that same day.

This Is Another Photo Of My Cousin

This is Another photo of my cousin Dennis Curtis as a baby.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

These Are My Parents

Sandra Maurine Ames/Ivey And Harvey William Ivey Jr.