Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is What I Am Up To

I bought a Christmas Piano Book Some time back but never learned to play the Christmas songs but right now I am marking in that book to help me learn to play those songs Even though I can read some of the music I can't read my music well enough to beable to play those with out that help but I can blame my medicine for that issue since I don't always feel up to working on my music.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Was Looking For Another Piano Book When I Came Across This.

I was looking for a older version of a follow up Piano book when I came across something my Great-Nephew would need to start off with his music book collection since he is getting a Electric Piano for Christmas this year. He plays mine whenever he comes over here.

Practice Journal

Weekly Planner for Music Students

The stylish new Willis Practice Journal features 40 weeks of lesson assignments, a daily practice record, staff paper, and an abbreviated music dictionary. Suitable for ANY music student!

Inventory # HL 00416837
Pages: 48
Size : 8.1 X 5.2
Weight : 2.6
ISBN : 1423484703
EAN : 9781423484707
UPC : 884088416355
Medium : Softcover
Price : $2.99 (US)
Series : Willis

You can get it at

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I can do without the software part of this program as is. And I think it is also true with my great nephew.