Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Found Out What The Deal Was With Book 3 On My Step By Step Piano Book Series And I Don't Like It

I apparently talked to the manager at Ridgela Music and Apparently they are temprarly out of print on book 3 because apparently they will drag on as far as reprining them if the demand for that particular book is slow. So If I go ahead and complete book 2 of that series and I still don't have book 3 I will be stuck after I complete book 2 on Edna Mae Burnam's
Step By Step Piano Course Because the demand for book 3 is so slow I will never get that book which will hold me back from learning Piano after I complete Book 2. It took this long before the employees found this information out. Now what? I will lost even though I have a lot of piano books I can learn from I don't like. I would prefer the Step by Step Series before I even try any other piano books I have. If I had this series I would be able to get my piano playing down solid. But I am lost. I know this is silly but it is true I will be lost if I complete book 2 and don't have book 3.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That Song Teen Angel That Hit The Charts Around The End Of 1959 Was Base On A True Store

The guy Mark Dinning who wrote this
song because 1 of his sisters lost a girl friend in a car accident my mother knew the cousin of this girl what happened this girl ran in to tree her cousin came home hooten and hollering my mother didn't say if the cousin was in the car or was following in another car. but that girl in that song did have a baby and everybody in town knew that. This was way back when a teenage girl gets pregnet and she goes to Aunt Berta long enough to have the Baby then as soon as she has the Baby she come's home This happened in Greenland New Hampshire and at the time of that girl's death that town was so small stuff like that spreads like wild fire that sounds like when we lived off base when my Father was stationed at Ramey AFB the town we lived in was so small anything unusual happens spreads like wild fire and Down Town was not what you will see when you go down town as far as heavy traffic Down Town was 5 blocks from my house and unsusal happenings also spreads like wild fire here in White Settlement. But that girl that song ran in to a tree and got killed in that car accident acoording to my mother.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Had A Wierd Dream Last Night From My Childhood Memory For Some Reason

Any body who grew up in the early 60's will know where I am coming from there was this cartoon that made it's dabute on Sept.9,1963 called The Funny Company was te beginning of educational programing. I dreamed I missed a episode and I was a little girl on the cartoon crying my eyes out because I messed some episode and both Buzzer Bell who was the presdent of The Funny Company and my Favorate Charater Jasper National Parker had to calm me down sense they were the only 2 at the Funny Company at the time when other members were off doing thier things The Funny thing about that cartoon is that they had differents situations maybe 2 members may be staying at They Funny Company to Answer the Phone. This was before they came out with Answering machines. Some times 3 will hang out there and some times they whole group. But as I was saying I was Crying in my dream because for some reason I was in that cartoon crying over missing some sort of episode and it took both Buzzer and Jasper to calm me down they told me 1 time the following Saturday in my local area they were going to do the replay of whatever episode I missed LOL Sometimes when I have dreams like that I think I am reliving my childhood for some Reason. I know that particular cartoon is out on DVD. But it was a strange dream. For some reason I always called Buzzer William all the time I was growing up.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Have Added To My 45 Recod Collection

I bought 19 45's now I need 6 more 45's then my record case will be full but I know where to get another record case at.Here is what I Bought
1.Dizzy By Tommy Roe
2.Sugar Town By Nancy Sinatria
3.Da Doo Ron Ron by Shaun Cassidy
4.Indiana Wants Me by R.Dean Taylor
5.Welcome Back By John Sebstion
6.The Worst That Could Happen To Me by Brooklyn Bridge
7.You're No Good By Linda Ronstadt
8. Hang On Help Is On Its Way By Little River Band
9.Crazy Horeses By The Osmonds
10.Woman By Peter And Gordan
11. Where All Alone Now By Rita Coolage
12. Heart Aches By The Numbers By Guy Mitchell
13. Little Woman By Bobby Sherman
14.Abraham And Martin And John By Dion
15. By Petuula Clark I forgot to write the last 4 titles because things were side tracking me when I was suppose to be resting due to my Oral Surgery That's what happened when I am from a big Family LOL But I am ok.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Real Excited

My Daddy is taking me to Deana's record shop to see What they have in my oldies I can buy so I can have 45's in good shape to listen to.

I Just Wanted You To Know I Am Having More Dental Surgery

I am having more dental Surgery Tuesday Morning to get rit of 4 wisdom Teeth and those 2 bones that need to be removed. Then we will have to go and get all of those dentures replaced due to the bad work on my first set of dentures.