Friday, May 29, 2009

This Came From My Gradmother's Last Baby Shower

This Bassinet full of presents came from the final babyshower before my Half-Aunt Joy Denise was born I am sure that came in handy since my Cousin Dennis was born 5 months later by that time she probably out grew tat Bassinet

This Is Joy Denice

This is my Half-Aunt Joy Denise Richardson oh her first birthday

This Is My Cousin Jaculine

This is my Cousin Jacquline in some sort of program in Stephenville Texas she not only did her baton but at the same time she was also taking piano lessons as a child.

This Is My Cousin Melanye Diane Brown

This is my cousin Melanye in some sort of school activity when she was a student a Stephenville High School

There Is Dutchie With Her Favorate Toy

That blue toy is a Buster Food Cube it is 1 of those toys that has food in it and operates like a puzzle Dutchie loves that toy. Silly dog she loves any toy that has food in it.

This Is Grandmother Richardson

This is Grandmother Richardson at my Great-Aunt's House on Christmas Day 1997

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kariann Richards witness some man who placed that tricycle by the dumpster and drive away so she grabbed it and because she was babysitting at the time she let the kids play with it we are going to give it to Luck for his first birthday. I had i of those as a child the same color but mine had only 1 back bar we have friends who we met while my father was stationed at Ramey AFB thier oldest daughter had a 1 with the double bar but her's was greem at the time more of a blueish green

Grandmother Richardson

This is another Photo of Grandmother Richardson. What I am trying to do is get as many photos as I can before I send them to Joy Denise.

Grandmother Richardson

This is another Photo of Grandmother Richardson when she went to my Half-Aunt Joy Denise's House on Christmas Day 1997

Christmas Day 1992

This Photo was made on Christmas Day 1992 of my Great-Uncle and My Great-Aunt Aunt August and Lucille Price.

The Day Of Shannon and Oscar's Wedding

Shannon And Oscar got married on my Grandfather's Birthday Ernest Duncan Ame's May 24,1997 since they didn't have a wedding date set so on my mother's suggestion they got Married on May 24,1997 Their Wedding took place at my older sister Karen Peterson's I had planned to attend but didn't due to illness

Friday, May 22, 2009

This Is My Half Aunt Joy Denise's Senior Photo

Joy Denise Richardson Graduated From Cisco High School 1972.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Is Grandmother Richardson

This is Grandmother Richardson standing out in her front yard The reason I am putting a lot of these on my blog is because I am getting ready to send theses photos to my half aunt.

This Is Grandmother Richardson Again In Her Bathing Suit

She was Posing in hr bathing Suit in front of her dresser

This Is Grandmother Richardson Christmas 1981

This was Grandmother Richardson sitting in her chair on Christmas 1981

Grandmother Richardson Christmas 1981

This is Grandmother Richardson decorating the Christmas tree December 1981

This Is Grandmother Richardson

We found identical photos to this photo where her legs were cut off of the photos because she didn't want us to see this photo.

This Is Grandmother Richardson Out In The Yard

This Is Grandmother Richardson out in the yard watering a tree

This Is Grandmother Richarson In Bed Reading Photo No.2

This Is Grandmother Richardson reading in bed at a different Angle

This Is Grandmother Being Modest In A Bathing Suit

This is Grandmother Richardson being modest I have never seen Grandmother Richardson in a bathing Suit in my whole life.

This Is Grandmother Richardson Layiing In Bed And Reading

This is Grandmother Richardson laying down reading before Joy Denise was born

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Is The Second Photo Of Me Christie Lou Ivey At Piano Lessons At A Different Angle

My Niece took this for me at another angle before My Piano Teacher arrived.

This Is Christie Lou Ivey At Piano Lessons

This is me Christie Lou Ivey At The Community Service Center Taking Piano Lessons Before My Piano Teacher Showed up on Sept.27,2001

This Is My First Piano Teacher

This is my first piano teacher Alenie Ayerdis This photo was made following a piano Lesson at the community Center.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Is A Oil Painting Of My Aunt And Cousin On My Father's Side Of The Family

This is a painting my Grandmother did from a photo of my Aunt Margie And my Cousin Melanye when Melanye was a baby I didn't see that until I was 16 years old when Grandmother dragged that out to show another family member. I was at her house a great deal since my familyy and my Grandparents lived on some property my uncle owned when I was 16 years old.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here Is Another Photo Of Trey Being A Ham

Some of the stuff Trey does reminds me of my brother Micheal at that age I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's another prankster in my family LOL

This Is My Oldest Nephew's New House

This is my oldest Nephew's new house that hasn't been completed yet. my older sister took me and my father over to see it the other day and later on my older sister Karen took Tammy over to see it the other night.

There Goes Trey Mitchell being A typica Ham

Trey is at that age he will be a ham as far as photos are concerned this wil go in the family blog as well as keeping it in this blog.

This Is Kariann's Dog That Is Going To Be At The Gelmar's House As soon As The Vet Clears Lady To Be Around Other Dogs.

I thought this photo of the dog would be cute I can't remember her name but as soon as another family member reads this they will ad to this to help me when it is time for her to go home she doesn't want to leave I have to go out to the car to with her to make her leave she loves to go by by she is a ham as you can see in this photo. Silly dog.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This Is Tammy's Mother,s Day Card

Tall way have trouble making straight lines when I use decorated scissors

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Is For My Mother For Mother's Day

This is for my mother for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Read The The Grizzly Detail News Paper

Both Robbie And Emily Gee had hit the Honor Roll at Blue Haze Elementry School and their names appeared in The Grizzly Detail News Paper. As soon as I told my father that I was getting ready to go to the Gee Blog to see if they are related to Bishop Gee my Father Harvey William Ivey Jr. was able to confirm that for me since he and Leon Curtis is thier Home Teachers.

This Is My Great-Uncle And Great Aunt On My Father's Side Of er's Side Of The Family

This Is Uncle August And Aunt Lucille Price On Christmas Day 1992

This Is My Father Holding His Half Sister

This Is My Father Holding my Half-Aunt Joy Denise Richardson here in White Settlement Texas.

This Is Another Photo Of My Father

This is my father Harvey William Ivey Jr. reading on the front porch here in White Settlement Texas

This Looks Like Grandmother Richardson

This looks like grandmother Richardson I thought I would add a little back ground to this but I don't know where this photo was taken at.

This Was Taken In Witchtal Falls Texas

This photo was taken of my Grandmother Richardson on the porch of my father's Barracks When My Father Harvey William Ivy Jr. was stationed at Whichatal Falls Texas

This Is Another Photo Of Dutchie

Dutchie and Betsy stays out side during the day but lately she's been crying to come in I tried to take a photo of her pushing her Buster's Food Tube but she is so use to psing for cameras this is nothing new to her. LOL

This Is My Family Photo

This is a family photo that was made on a deadline because Tammy and Karen and I were due to get on a plane to come up here to spend the summer with my Grandparents in 1967 and the reason it had to be done because they wanted to send him on some sort of assignment which he never went on and they need some sort of proof that my whole family was white and not a biracial where 1 parent is white and another parent is black. They were real funny about that in the 1960's But society was real funny about that in the 1960's. From left to right are Susanne Cheryl Ivey,Michael Duncan Ivey,Tambra Lynn Ivey.Christie Lou Ivey, Karen Michelle Ivey, Sandra Maurine Ames/Ivey This was made at McCoy AFB in 1967 That was also the same year my family joined the Church. I look tired in that photo because I was so excited because I was wound up the night before because I knew we were coming up here to see my grandparents that same day.

This Is Another Photo Of My Cousin

This is Another photo of my cousin Dennis Curtis as a baby.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

These Are My Parents

Sandra Maurine Ames/Ivey And Harvey William Ivey Jr.

This Photo Was Made On Christmas Day 1981

The people in the kitchen are me Christie Lou Ivey and my ex-brother-in-law Mike Callahan and and Karen Callahan and my baby sister Susanne Ivey with her back turned She does that when she doesn't like to have her photos made. Leno a friend of Aunt Margie's and Grandmother Richardson

This Is My Cousin Dennis As A Baby

This is my Cousin Dennis Curtis at our grandmother's house as a baby

This Is Grandmother Richardson And My Father Harvey William Ivey jr. And My Older Sister Karen Michelle Ivey Down At The Alamo

This Is Grandmother Richardson And my father Harvey William Ivey Jr. and my older sister Karen Michelle Ivey down at the Alamo

This Is My Aunt Jo When She Was Younger

This was my aunt Jo when she was younger I don't remember her having hair that long This must of been taken when she was pregnet with her oldest son Dennis

This Is My Older Sister As A Baby

This is my older sister Karen Michelle Ivey as a baby at my Grandmother's house

This Is My Great-Gandmother On My Father's Side Of The Family

This is Nelly Price She must of been home on a day pass or a weekend Pass From Abilene State Hospital when this photo was made she died at the Abilene State Hospital on Feb.21,1961

Monday, May 4, 2009

This Is A Friend Of The Family

This is Donnie Walser he was a member of the church he and his wife Pat and 2 daughters Donna and Janey were in our ward in Abilene Texas when they adopted Michael Wayne and Janey is also adopted and the day before they picked Michael Wayne up Pat Discovered she was pregnet with Alan by that time Michael Wayne was 7 months o;d when Alan was born in August 1970.

This Is My Aunt Holding My Cousin When He Was A Baby.

This is my Aunt Jo and my cousin Dennis Curtis when they first got released from the hospital.

Thewre Is Dutchie

I tried to get Dutchie in the same spot but she moved slightly to the middle when she saw me with the camera LOL

There Is Something About That Spot Betsy Is In

There is something about that spot Betsy is in on the patio She and Dutchie And Toby for some reason like that spot on the patio for some reason I am Listening to Everyones gone to the moon By Johnithan King My brother-in-law thinks they made that song up in a coffeehouse now I am listening to White On White by Danny Williams I grew up listening to that song