Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well I Will Get Those Photos Of Betsy Doing A Little Agility Over The Weekend Today.

Well I get those 2 photo of Betsy Doing a little agility today but it will be a while before I can post them because we need a new printer

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kariann's Son Has A Big Imagination Like Most Chldren His Age

For those that don't know Kariann's Ex and his current wife got the kids a guinea pig her real name is Ginger but because thier half sister can't say Ginger she calls her Gigi when I asked Trey the other night about thier pet his response was Gigi lost her guinea now she is a plain pig all I could do is LOL at him. At least I was wise to him All I could do is giggle because of his imagination. I just let that tale ride. He is at stage of life where he isn't actully lying but do to his imagination he can come up with some tales at times.

I Am So Worn Out

That's what happens when you are doing agility on a hot day in the park when you are a diabetic but me and Betsy did sit in the shade most of the time as well.

I Went To Dog Owmer Responsibilty Day At The Park Yesterday

I took my pom mix to the park yesterday to the Dog Owner Responsible Day and I took pleny of water and my camera I was able to get a photo of Betsy out of the tube and anther one jumping over her learning to jump 1 of the jumps from the agility equipment they used to a demo I started as you all know from my past post with that hard purple open tunnel in my back yard. As soon as we get the printer fixed I will post those photos. I also had a slight reaction from my diabeties medicine because in the excitement right before I left to go to that event I had some oat meal and forgot to eat some meat luckly they had a basket of candy to stop the shakes Betsy wanted some but I said no. I was able to work on her sits in the distractions amd stay
which I can never do that with Dutchie.