Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Is My Cousin

This is my Cousin Jacquline Ann in her High School Photo Her Maiden name is Curtis

This Is Some Of My Family

From left to right Mikey Craig and Grandmother Richardson and Grandfather Richardson

This Is My my Cousin Jimmy Dale Padgett

This is My Half Aunt's only child Jimmy Dale Padgett at the age of 14 years old in the 8th grade his Step-father Jeff Padgett adopted him in case anything happened to my half Aunt. I knew his Biological father Jimmy Dale Nelson every since I was 16 years old It didn't surprise me when that Marriage didn't last.

This Is Another Part Of The Of They Ivey Family

This Is Michael Joshua Ivey and his wife Emily and Dylan in a Family Photo that was made on Dylan's 2nd Birthday Mar.28,2009

This My Great Nephew Tommy Dylan Ivey

This is my greatnephew Tommy Dyaln Ivey the family calls him Dylan this photo was made on his 2nd birthday which was Mar.28,2009Grandfather is my only brother Michael Duncan Ivey

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Is The Dog I Am Babysitting Or Should I Say Dogsitting? LOL

This is Georgia was suppose to go home today but because Matt got a hour and a half of sleep it looks like I will keep her until this weekend

Monday, April 27, 2009

This Is A Family Group Photo At My Half Aunt's Home Warming Party

The Elderly Couple Standing Is Sally Christine Price/Ivey/Richardson And
Creed Oscar Richardson as soon as I find that photo again I will have another family Member write the rest of the family members names on the back. I am not sure where this photo was made at. Now that I found that photo with the information on the back Next to Grandmother and Grandfather Richardson is Michael Callahan Sandra Ivey Tanny Craig Harvey Ivey Holding Shannon Michelle Craig/Melgar when she was a baby sitting LOL I don't think he is sitting in this photo. Karen Callahan. Standing is P.J. Callahan and Denise is holding Jennifer Lynn Craig/Gelski the boy not looking at the camera is Mikey Craig and the little boy Karen is holding his her youngest son from her previous Marriage is Nathan Bridges Callahan and Susanne Cheryl Ivey

Here Is Madison In Another Photo On The Swing Set

Here is another photo of Madison on the swing set.

Here Is Another Photo Of Madison On The Swing Set

Here is another photo Of Madison on the swing set at a different angle

This Is Mikey Craig's Very Last School Photo

This is Mikey Craig's very last school photo before he got killed in that car accident.

This Is Another Photo Of Betsy

This is a photo of Betsy that white line you barely see is her doggy necklace a friend sent me this was made on Christmas Eve

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Is My Older Sister

This is my older sister Karen Michelle Ivey That is where Shannon Melgar got her middle name from

This Is Tammy Craig Holding Luke Harvey Broussard

This is Tammy Craig Holding Luke Harvey Broussad and his Grandmother on his daddy's side of the family Susanne Broussard

This Is My Baby Sister Holding Her Very First Grandson

This is my baby Sister Susanne Boston holding her First Grand Son Luke Harvey Broussard

PCF Furry And Christie Lou Ivey At The Fort Worth Dog Show Mar.24,2000

This is Dawn (PCF Furry) Joyce We met up at the Fort Worth Dog Show Because she had her Old English Sheep Dog Jack showing that date For those that don't know PCF next to the online Chat Hostess name is for Pet Care Fourm.

This Is Shannon Melgar When She Was Shannon Michelle Craig

This is Shannon Melgar as a little girl in Pee Wee Drill Team her maiden name is Craig

This Is My Brother-In Law

This is my Brother-in-law Roddy Boston

This Is My Dog Dutchie

This is my basset Hound Dutchie

Madison Mitchell

This is Madison Mitchell playing on the swing set.

Photos Of Chickens In The House

These are Chicken in the house.

This Is Sarah Melgar

This is Sarah Melgar Practicing Her music for band as a homework assignment

This Is My Cousin Diana Shacker's Oldest Son From Her Previous Marrage

His name is Rusty Hacker when he was a little boy in 1974 or 1975

This Is My Neice By Marriage

This is Abby Broussard playing a giutar as well as piano

This Is The Melgar's New Car

This is Shannon Melgar's New Car.

This Is My Father Harvey William Ivey And Me Christie Lou Ivey

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Nathan Bridges Callahan's Memory 1979-1992

This is my nephew Nathan Bridges Callahan he was born April.19 and died on his way with 2 of his buddies walking along the railroad tracks on the way to target practice when 1 of the guns accidently discharged on Nov.15,1992. the day before his mother and step-father's 7th wedding anniversary.

Shannon And Kariann's Older Sister Cleaning Our House

This is Shannon Melgar and Kariann Richard's older sister Jennie Gelski came up from Stephenville Texas to clean our house.

This Is Tammy's New Computer

This is Tammy's new Notebook computer

At A Baptisum

Not sure is this is Leslie Melgallis's baptisum or Shannon and Matthew and Kariann's Baptisum it happened on April 19,2002

Friday, April 17, 2009

That Is Going To Stay Right Next To My Stereo I Got This As A Child Off Of My Mother's Best Friend

I always had my records right next to my Record Player that was something I learned as a child off of my mother's best friend Carole Smith since she always kept her records L.P.'s And her 45 R.P.M.'s stacked up on top of her T.V. before she bought a double record rack that was designed for her 45's on the top and 33's on the bottom. I am to much like her in that area Ha ha. When we went to get my record case I found that same record player in I bought off of Ebay in better condition for $200.00 He he he he

This Is My Record Case It can Hold Up To 75 45 R .P.M.'s

We found this at a Antique Mall on my way to the Dentist I found 2 idintacal but 1 of them was full and another had a few 45's. This record case reminds me to much of a former roommate when she and I were both students at Brown Schools In San Marcus Texas that is a Boarding School for Special Ed Students that was started by a couple who's last name was Brown by the time I entered they had died but they had 2 grown sons that ran that school they would rotate since they were also College Students as well. Her's was green and white as soon as I saw it no matter what the cost I had fallen in love with it and it reminds me of my former roommate Cindy France.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Is My Record storage

This is how my record storage will take place as soon as I need another 1 crate to keep my LP'S in and to keep my 45R.P.M.'s on top of as soon as I get a record case to keep them in.

This Was Made While I Was Baby Sitting

I took this photo while babysistting shortly after the Melgars Moved In That House.

Here Is Another Photo Of The Melgare's Dog Lady Bug

Here is another Of The Melgar's Dog Lady Bug

I Get On This Silly Kick When We Have A Full Moom

I was trying to take a photo of a full moon.

Another Photo Of Betsy

Here is another photo of Betsy no telling what she is doing silly dog.

Another Photo Of Betsy

Another photo of my dog Betsy

The Agility Set Up

This is The Agility setup in Christie's Back Yard for her dog Betsy

Here Is The Craig Children Photo 2

Front Kariann Noelle And Matthew And in the back Jennifer Lynn (Jenny Bob) Craig and Milo Henry Craig IV and Shannon Michelle Craig. My Grandmother on my mother's side of the Family Mary Louette Davis/Ames gave Jennie Bob her nick name

The Craig Children At My Older Sister Karen Peterson's Wedding

In Front Kariann Noella Craig And Matthew Thomas Craig And Shannon Michelle Craig and Milo Henry (Mikey) Craig IY And Jennifer (Jennie Bob) Craig Over by the reception table And in the middle of this Matthew was Break Dancing when he wasn't suppose to Ha Ha Ha I screamed Matthew you are not suppose to be Break Dancing across the room and I was sitting next to the priecher's wife and I had to explaine that 1 to her and as soon as Tammy reacting to that as soon as she heard me yelling Matthew you are not suppose to do break dancing he was 4 years old at the time.

This Is Trey Mitchell

This is my Great Nephew Trey Mitchell

This Is A Photo Of My Mother When She Is Asleep

This is my mother Sandra Maurine Ivey asleep when this photo was made she sleeps like that all the time She is bed bound.

This Is The Ice Hanging Off Of Our Mail Box

This was ice hanging off of our mailbox the last time we had sleet'

This Is My Father Harvey William Ivey Jr. Asleep

This is my father Harvey William asleep in his easy chair when this photo was made.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Is My Mother Sandra Maurine Ames/Ivey Holding My Brand New Baby Brother Michael Duncan Ivey 7 Days Old At Ramey AFB Peurto Rico At 7 Days Old

This is my mother holding my baby brother Michael Duncan Ivey while my older sister Karne Michelle Ivey standing over my mother's shoulder at the age of 10 years old

This Is My Grandmother and My Cousin As a Baby

This is my Grandmother Richardson and my cousin Melanye Diane Brown as a baby

The Dog To The Left Is Besty And The Dog To The Right Is Dutchie

Here are both of my dogs Betsy And Dutchie. That blue Toy is Dutchie's Busters Food Tube Dutchie loves it to death.

Jacob Thomas Craig And His Father Mathew Thomas Craig

This is Jacob Thomas Craig sitting on that tool box in the back of the tool box in the back of his father's pickup with his father Mathew Thomas Craig looking at him.

This Is Jacob At A Different Angle

This is Jacob Thomas Craig at a different angle on that scooter.

This Is Jacob On His Cousin's Scooter

This is Jacob Thomas Craig playing on his cousin Madison Payge Michell's scooter he found in our garage.